Tuesday 22 October 2019

Why one Should Visit to Bali, Indonesia?

Indonesia's capital Jakarta on Thursday was hit by bomb blasts. But apart from these blasts, there is a lot to know about Indonesia. Indonesia, which is spread over thousands of islands between Malaysia and Australia, has the largest population of Muslims. It has the largest economy in East Asia. Ethnic is a country full of diversities, with more than 300 local languages being used. From the rural predators and the intersections to the modern urban elite class, there is a living in Indonesia. Bali is considered as the world’s favorite destinations voted by the travellers. It has outstanding beauty with coastal landscapes and dreamy beaches that has their own character and atmosphere. It has 12 to 13 hours of sunshine every day; enjoy with our premium travel concierge services that can be customized.
  1. Indonesia has the highest number of islands than any other country, more than fourteen thousand.
  2. Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world.
  3. Its estimated population is more than 255 million and it is the fourth most populous country in the world.
  4. Indonesia is the largest economy in the region and is a member of the G-20 group of the world's largest economies.
  5. A large number of consumers in the country, rich natural resources and political stability attract investors.
  6. Mount Merapi is located in Indonesia in central Java. But the increasing demand for bad basic amenities, corruption and economic protectionism is often discouraged by investors
  7. Geographically, Indonesia is sensitive to earthquake and volcanic eruption. In 2004, a massive earthquake struck the sea and devastated all coastal and East Asian coastal areas.
  8. About 220,000 Indonesian people were killed or missing in this tsunami that occurred in the Indian Ocean.
  9. In the past few years, extremist Islamic organizations have registered their presence here too. Some are accused of being linked to al-Qaeda.
  10. It also includes the organization which is accused of blasting in Bali in the year 2002 in Bali. 202 people were killed in these blasts
No chance of being hungry in Bali as there are large varieties of spices with the fresh vegetables, fish and meat. It is a very cheap place to be at as the accommodation and food fare is very low with immense level of beauty. Just in Bali you can stay in some unique accommodations like an African style safari lodge or massive bamboo house. If you are an art lover, Bali is a must place to visit with Clay play.

Bali Holiday Package

Tuesday 10 September 2019

Be the Decision Maker When Booking International Holiday Packages

It is natural to get bored by your daily routine. Right from getting up early in the morning to continuous 9 hours of office job, almost everyone needs a break from time to time. And what can be better than going on a vacation with friends or family.

Holidaying is quite common nowadays and to make the maximum of it, people prefer to take tour packages from a Premium travel Concierge. These travel experts are known to arrange everything for their clients, right from flight bookings to arrangement of accommodation to places to explore. They leave no stone unturned when it comes to making a memorable trip for the clients. But, have you ever imagined of a travel Concierge that offers the power to the customers when it comes to booking international holiday packages from India? ClayPlay is one such company which is all set to make your holidaying experience a remarkable one.

Scroll down to know the benefits of booking a package from ClayPlay.com:
  1. Unlike other travel agencies, it allows customers to do their bookings on their own. Travelers can choose the destinations of their choice. Besides, it will be solely on the traveler’s interest about the number of days they want to spend at a particular place.
  2. As per their own convenience, travelers can pick the mode of transportation they want. Be it mini bus or standard car, they can choose any of them to reach their hotel.
  3. ClayPlay has strong relations with many hotel chains across the world. However, the choice of hotel will be in hands of the customers. They can pick any hotel which is in their budget and which they also prefer.
  4. Once the hotel booking is done, customers can make a list of things they want to do during their international holiday packages from India. It is up to them as to which activities they would like to indulge.
  5. Not only this, ClayPlay also allows its customers to choose their travel insurance as per their choice. This means, it is up to you whether you want to go with a silver plan, silver plus plan, a gold plan or a platinum plan.
Once everything is booked according to customer’s preference, Clay Play offers a discount on the total cost thereby adding to the overall holiday planning experience.

Saturday 29 June 2019

Hire Travel Concierge Service for Better and Convenient Travel

Planning for your vacation should be fun and exciting, but more often than not, it’s just stressful. The pressure is just to get the right one and craft the perfect trip ends up overshadowing the whole purpose of taking vacation in the first place to relax and enjoy yourself in a new country or city.

With travelling becoming more popular and affordable among many, travel concierge service are on their rise. There are many companies and individuals specializing in the delivery of luxury travel concierge service. They know all about the ins and outs of legal, social and cultural aspects of travelling in their country and provide their clients with 24/7 service.

 They are professional with extensive knowledge of hospitality, foreign languages and tourists attraction in the country of visit.

Travel concierge is always there to help to solve all of that. With their local experience and contacts they are capable of taking these problems off from your shoulders and allow you to travel carefree, waste no more time, money and energy.

Having a helping hand will give you a peace of mind and feeling of security when you are abroad .And are expert in sourcing and designing travel experience for any type of client or holiday.

Our premium travel concierge service is best as it provides consistent and appreciating service efficiently because of its partnership with the big groups in the globe. Our work produce is simple and efficient for our customers to feel comfortable and relax while planning for travelling or is already travelling.

As you know our service is provided 24/7 all the day and night, you can chat online with are service provider, tell your requirements, the expert will take your details and will be given you your travelled planned by us.


1. The Convenience
It’s convenient of having someone on hand at the end of the phone or email, to help run your life, enabling you to maximize your free time.

2. Save Time
The main reason to use concierge service is to free up yourself, to experience the things they love to do instead of spending the time in doing researching and booking

3. A Personal Pro Active  Service Tailored To You
The best service concierge will give you your own personal concierge. So that you deal with the same person at all times, for all request you made. By learning your taste and needs.

4. Your Personal Guidebook And Search Engine
This removes the unknown elements and puts you in the trusted hands.

5. In The Case Of Emergency
Our expertise is always there to assist you all the time in resolving issues during emergency.  Issues like missing luggage, passport, party member or in need of medical emergency. We can solve them without any hesitation.

Monday 10 December 2018

Business Travel - Corporate Travel Concierge

 Travel industry is becoming a more popular and reasonable among many, travel concierge services are on their top. They are gaining more popularity among whole world wide visitors and businesses.

International tourisms and people going foreign on business startup look for extreme experiences, adventure and personal travel services. A personal travel concierge along with you can have it all.

These are taken a shape of travel industry in the future years with their desire for instant and real-time access extensive and elastic information, genius opinion and peer reviews both offline and online socializing and communication, and authoritative local experiences. That all is when traveling concierge comes in place.

At that time there are various kinds of companies and individuals specializing in the delivery Premium travel concierge services. They all knows the arrivals and departures of all legal, cultural and social aspects of travel in their countries and provide the customers with VIP 24/7 treatments. They are professionals with comprehensive knowledge of hospitality, different kinds of language and tourist attention in the country of visit.
Concierges services usually online/written agreements with different accommodation and transportation providers, museums and restaurants, which permit them to deal timely services and international visitors at a reasonable price. However, such concierge travel services recline to be sometimes overpriced and thus suitable for business travellers and VIP clients only.

Widely speaking, anything starting from the moment you leaves the train at place of your destination until you board the plane upon the end of your trip. Travel concierges can take care of everything on the in between that two points.

We pay special treatment to meet-n-greets’ trustworthiness. That’s the reason you always rely on our local concierges and what is more, you can choose any meet-n-greets you like most and have much in common with.

Business and Corporate Travel Management

From travel policy compliance to the peak level of personalized services, we work with you to ensure that your company yields the most for every travel dollar spent.

Your business travel program isn’t cookie-cutter and should not be treated like just another number. Your business travel needs are unique to your business. That’s why we partner with you to help design, implement, monitor and manage your corporate travel program to exceed your traveler’s desire and overall company goals.

ClayPlay highly experienced account managers are your business travel program advocates that partner with your team to:

  • Develop/optimize business travel program plans
  • GST Credit Tracking
  • Travel Expense Management
  • Customized Processes
  • Negotiate with vendors on your behalf

“Neglect the negativity and design your own positive aura with the help of travel in new and different destination.”

ClayPlay is an online Corporate Travel Management concierge services make your business travel planning with clayply.com

Source: https://www.usefulupdates.com/business-travel-planning-corporate-travel-management/

Thursday 26 July 2018

Why Choosing Premium Travel Concierge is a wise Decision?

A concierge is a number that you can dial to ask help with a well-informed assistant and they are good enough to organize a fairly wide range of Goods and Services. Our Premium Travel Concierge service is a well-known service provider in the field of travelling with some required amount of Advice, Information and other Assistance. We can save your time and even money in this busy lifestyle. To ask for help about the premium services, contact us at 8198-020-202.

Whether you are looking for a good restaurant or want to explore a location without any obstacle then our concierge service can help you thoroughly. The benefits are just endless but having the details for an event at unknown place is no more than a blessing. Our team can provide you flight information with the booking as well. We’ll be looking for the best for you only to give you the access for best of everything. Clay play is a clear example for the same with luxury concierge services where you would not be having any headache about your desired destination.

Source, purchase and deliver tickets for theatre shows, concerts, festivals, museums and sporting events, Arrangement of hospitality packages for accommodation or dining, Providing details and procuring invitations to events and shows in cities worldwide, Organizing referrals and reservations for fine dining, restaurants, hotels, car rental and health clubs.

Mail or fax travel destination packages in major cities only with the information about where to find the best shops. Organization of floral arrangement and delivery (or you can compare flower delivery services with Canstar Blue). Party planning for the special occasion and Booking appointments with a hairstylist or makeup artist for a special event, Book appointments with a qualified personal fitness trainer and referrals to conferences and other business travel services. Arrangement and referral to computer rentals and audio-visual equipment.

We ensure you the luxury personalized concierge and save your time of waiting up in the lines to enjoy yourself only. We believe in making your vacation relaxed, exciting and full of excitement with simplicity to let you enjoy your trip with a personalized vacation experience. Maximizing your time to arrange any aspect of your life is surely going to help you in every manner. Consider us as your personal Search engine that will always be looking for your best by enabling the experience for things you would love to spend time in the researching and booking. Convenience and Special privileges are additional benefits.

Friday 20 July 2018

Clayplay – Your Best Premium Travel Concierge

The Travel concierge services becoming a more popular and affordable among many, travel concierge services (or sometimes trip concierge) are on their rise; they are gaining more popularity among world travelers and local businesses like.

They are going to shape the travel industry in the upcoming years with their desire for instant and real-time access, comprehensive and flexible information, and expert opinion and peer reviews, both online and offline social and communicate, and authentic local experiences. This is when travel concierge comes in place.

What are Travel concierges?

As a rule personal travel services include such ones as meeting upon arrival and driving you to your hotel, booking accommodation, restaurant reservations, buying tickets and escorting to events, translating and interpreting at meetings, accompanying you to a doctor, helping with day-to-day issues, and many more.

Premium Travel concierges are quite flexible specialists, therefore they inquire about the clients’ plans, dates, desires and needs, and develop personal travel services to cater for all the demands and requirements.

In this case, travel concierges are local people who are willing to dedicate their spare time to serving travelers needs and help them reach their goals. However, in this case, most of the travel concierges registered will not be certified tour guides, but friendly and open-minded local people with various occupations, from students and businessmen, to shopping assistants and personal city guides. The personal shopping and planning dinner parties to buying gifts and handling any mini-emergencies. Since every client has his or her own unique list of things to do, the types of services are very varied and diverse.

Benefits of Travel concierges: 
  • Concierge Customization: World travelers choose personal travel concierges over and over again for many reasons. First of all, it saves your precious time. While local personal assistants take care of finding the best price options, the most convenient locations, the most suitable ways to solve any problem you can enjoy your trip, do business, learn country’s history, visit museums, try their cuisine and have fun.A dedicated travel assistant is in the industry of smart solutions. Whether you’re constantly journeying across the country or across the globe, topnotch travel concierge services implement solutions for hiccups before you even notice them.
  • Luxury of Profit:When traveling for your company, do you find yourself in the same city month after month? After touching down, do you routinely call a car service for transportation to a hotel? Travel concierges services are not only arrange for timely pickup and drop-off, but also potentially upgrade your amenities while saving you precious Rupees. It’s great to feel relaxed and treated to a little indulgence when business is on the mind, and with special industry insight, you might also enjoy a lavish discount.
  • Peace of Mind Means Proficiency: As your departure date draws closer, your Flight Centre Travel Expert will be in contact to make sure you have everything prepared and are ready for your trip. Perfect if you have any last-minute questions.
Find more information visit here Clay Play

Tuesday 29 August 2017

Dubai Holiday Packages - Ideally Choose Dubai Flights and Hotel

One of the seven popular emirates which comprise the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, represents the triumph of man over nature. Dubai holiday packages calls people from different countries and even far off places such as Europe, Indian sub continent and Africa. The ideal contrast of desert and present cities can also be practiced with the help of Dubai holidays packages. Now you can easily book the holiday packages online as number of websites are offering the better and reliable online booking facilities. 

Easily Find Information on Dubai Flight and Hotel Packages 

Holidays in Dubai take you towards the land of leisure and business. The impressive city is rich in leisure, career opportunities, lodging, dining as well as shopping. The perfect Dubai Tour makes sure that every person no matter young, child or old, live an experience and recollection of a lifetime. Ideally visit website like Clay Play to deliver the best deals available for your journey. Select from different Flights & Hotel Combinations to form your Ideal Dubai Holiday Package and receives the top deals. 

It’s right time to explore the best places

Now, you can explore Dubai with numerous Tour Packages from Desert Safari to the Global Village, Bollywood Park to Burj Khalifa, your Dubai holiday will be designed according to your personal choice. No matter, you are looking for a Romantic Honeymoon or simply Fun Family Vacation, the amazing Dubai Caters to all. Booking your ideal Dubai Vacation Package could not be simpler with the help of Travel Concierge. So, it is a right time to Book Holiday to Dubai and takes benefits from the amazing deals available on Dubai Holidays

Personalized holiday packages can do wonder for you

The Dubai Packages are planned as per the needs, plans, requirements, and budgets of the possible tourists. You can select a package assuring for a 3 night stay in Dubai to convey on a tour among the high skyscrapers and minarets, a market of valuable gems and stones brings hidden beauty. The Dubai Tour brings the attention of the millions of tourists from the globe, capturing them in the luxurious and prolific life they seek of. The city has an attractive historical background. However, there are numbers of orthodox people who still favor to live their life depend on their own rules; there are similar sets of people living a contemporary life with an enriching mindset.

Your Comforts Should be Top Concern

The Dubai Flights and Hotel Packages make sure that you have a relaxed stay all through your holidays. To complete it, they accommodate you in comfortable hotels providing best quality services. You will be dished up breakfasts each morning all through your stay in the hotel and desert safari having the barbeque dinner. It is better to hire a guide for the Dubai tour to help you gather adequate knowledge and facts related to the place. The package makes sure that you receive a return economy airfare. Moreover, you will be provided with a relaxed coach to take you to the airport if you are completed your trip in this beautiful land.

Find more information visit here Clay Play